Nitijela 2016 Induction Seminar

The Nitijela Members Inducted on the Roles, Procedures and development issues

On Monday, February 22, 2016, the Induction Seminar for the members of the Nitijela was opened at the Nitijela’s Conference Room. The Induction Seminar is held every four years, on the first year of a new term. It is supported by the UNDP-RMI Parliament Support Upscaling Project to the Nitijela of the Marshall Islands with the joint efforts of the SPC RRRT. The UNDP has been supporting the Nitijela Inductions for the past terms. 

According to the Speaker Kenneth A. Kedi in his opening remarks,“The objectives of the induction seminar is to (i) inform Nitijela members about the Role and Functions of Parliament as one of the three arms of Government ; (ii) to equip Members with basic knowledge of parliamentary practices and procedures to facilitate their effective participation in the legislative processes; and (iii) to bring members up to date with the latest and new developments issues of national, regional and international development issues.”

The Acting President and Minister in Assistance to the President, Honorable Minister Zackhras in his remarks expressed sincere appreciation on behalf of the People of the Government of the Marshall Islands for the continued support of the UNDP as well as the SPC RRRT assisting with the facilitation of the Nitijela’s Induction.

In the final remarks and on behalf of the UNDP, the Deputy Resident Representative, Ms. Akiko Fuji expressed full support and congratulation to the RMI government and people in taking a leading role and being an exceptional exemplary in its current political development on the issue of gender equality.“2016 is the special year to us in 3 senses: Firstly, the RMI government started the year with its new revitalized government, with the first woman President in its history. The UN has not had the female Secretary General yet. You are ahead of  us…”stated Ms. Akiko.

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives from government ministries, agencies, the SOEs, the NGOs and the general public. The seminar continues from 22 to 26 of February, 2016. According to Speaker Kedi this is one of the Induction programs where Nitijela Members have well attended and have contributed with very constructive discussions on the development issues “I am glad to see the energy and interest of the Members to learn and discuss the development matters, he said.

Source: Office of the Speaker, Nitijela of the Republic of the Marshall Islands