Monday, February 1 – Speaker Kenneth Kedi appointed 10 Members of the Cabinet upon the receipt of nomination from President Hilda C. Heine.

Following the appointments, the Ministers quickly took oath before Judge Milton Zackios at the International Convention Center (ICC). During the soft swearing in ceremony, President Hilda C. Heine announced the allocated portfolios to the ten Ministers.

Below are the Ministers appointed with their respective allocated portfolios:

1. Honorable Mattlan Zackhras                       Minister in Assistance

2. Honorable John M. Silk                              Minister of Foreign Affairs

3. Honorable Brenson S. Wase                       Minister of Finance

4. Honorable Wilbur Heine                             Minister of Education

5. Honorable Kalani Kaneko                           Minister of Health

6. Honorable Thomas Heine                           Minister of Justice

7. Honorable Amenta Matthew                       Minister of Internal Affairs

8. Honorable Tony Muller                               Minister of Public Works

9. Honorable Alfred Alfred Jr.                         Minister of Resources & Development

10. Honorable Mike Halferty                          Minister of Transportation & Communication