Honorable Speaker Kenneth A. Kedi
Speaker of Nitijela

Rolse & Functions of the Office of the Speaker

The Speaker is elected from the membership of the Nitijela by a simple majority. By contrast, the removal of the Speaker requires a 2/3 majority vote. The Speaker is the head of the Parliament. The most prominent of the Speaker's tasks is to preside over meetings of the Nitijela and to ensure that the official business of the Nitijela is conducted in compliance with the Constitution and the Rules of Procedures of the Nitijela.

The Speaker ensures that discipline and decorum is maintained throughout the conduct business of the Nitijela. All laws that have properly been passed by the Nitijela come into effect only on the date such laws receive certification by the Speaker.

In addition, the Speaker is responsible for formally appointing the President elect and Members of the Cabinet to Office. Whenever the Speaker is unable to carry out his or her duties, the Vice Speaker will assume such responsibilities.

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