The Clerk of the Nitijela acts as the Administrative head of the Nitijela with the authority to approve administrative matters. With the assistance of an Assistant Clerk and staff, the Office of the Clerk serves as the secretariat for the Nitijela. The Clerk is responsible for preparing the business of the Nitijela.

He or she must ensure a record is kept of the proceedings of the Nitijela and that these are published regularly. Currently, records of meetings of the Nitijela may be found in the "Nitijela Journal" and audio tapes in the Nitijela Library. Interested persons may also visit the Nitijela Website online to hear audio-recordings of proceedings.

The Clerk also arranges for the signing of documents and giving of certificates by the Speaker, whenever the signature or certification of the Speaker is required under the Constitution or any law. The Clerk is required to keep a record of all signed documents and certificates.


Morean S. Watak
Clerk of Nitijela
Carl Alik
Assistant Clerk